Harford County's Geographic Information System, administered by the Department of Planning and Zoning, is utilizing open source technology to increase public access to the vast amount of information it creates and receives from our agency partners. In doing so, we hope residents can make more informed decisions about their government and our communities.

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Search the County's Open Data collections by topic, explore featured data collections or view the full list of available datasets.

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If you have questions, suggestions, requests for data or any other feedback, please contact the Mapping and Data Services Division of Harford County's Department of Planning and Zoning.

Using the Data

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All data sets can be downloaded in a variety of formats including CSV for tables and spreadsheets or Shapefiles and KML (XML) for Geographic Information System software.

API's provide access as REST, HTML, JSON, and GeoJSON to incorporate Harford County geographic data into your own application development.